Thursday, November 11, 2010

bathroom talk

Good day ladies, for those of you who are following along with me, you know I'm attempting a little bathroom makeover. However, I have a problem. See, I like to start things and if they don't get finished in around the first 2 days...I wanna move on??? and then nothing gets done. I've tried...I'm trying to stay focused. I have to remind myself that I am working on one project and stay away from thinking about what you would like to do in other rooms. Does anyone else have my problem? urgh.

Keeping on track, today I painted the last coat of paint on my bathroom cabinet doors, so they will go up soon. ( I really wanted to start painting Ava's room today) but Yay, the cabinets look seriously good considering I painted them myself : ). Now I have to look up all that I can about taking tile down off my walls that are surrounding my tub. I want to be totally prepared when I bring this up for the last time with Mr. vG {aka Party Pooper}. I love him to bits and he's cute as sin...but we agree to disagree. So I have gain my ammunition....please if any of you out there in blogland have beadboard around your tub you need to let me know everything there is to know!

Again here is the surround panelling I'm after:

My renos will take a long while yet, so in the meantime, more amazing bathrooms...

I've just noticed that almost all of my inpsirational bathroom photos has an old fashioned tub...yeah, I told Mr. vG that was one of my dreams...he said I'd better get some sleep???   Guess that means no? 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

editing pictures

Only a few short weeks ago, my computer editing program decided it didn't want to work for me anymore...am I really that demanding???  Anyhow, I am sucky at picture taking and really need all the help I can get!  So I searched for a free online site to help out my sad photos.

I am now experimenting with Picnik! and so far I ♥ IT!  There are soooo many great FREE options, but you can definately make the move to upgrade if you so choose.  I have used this on many of my personal family photos as well, and with wonderful results. 

Here is a quick sample of some editing....

 Original photo : (
{that big hunk of burlap there was just to protect my wall from the chalkboard until I hang it}

 crop, exposure and colour play

collages and round borders
{my new header picture}

Picnik lets you do a very wide range of fun editing....from giving yourself a tan and removing wrinkles {uh yes please} to creating a variety of collages, adding text and much much more.  If you are unhappy with your picture results, head on over to Picnik...but I suggest bringing a snack, you just might have a little too much fun  : )

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas in the bedroom

 In no way, shape or form have I started to decorate for Christmas yet...uhhh I still have pumpkins in my header.  Yes, I love the Christmas season as much as the next guy, but my treasured holiday cheer doesn't come out until December 1st. 

When I was PB browsing today, I took special notice to these bedrooms. I've never decorated my bedroom for Christmas before...but doesn't the plaid duvet just give you the warm fuzzies?  I think I may have to reconsider Christmas in the bedroom (subtle of course...don't want no ceramic Santa's staring me down or anything.)

Peaceful in Plaid

 Holly Jolly

I love the Noel lettering in the picture above...or try making your own signs this year ~ using some festive wording such as:

Noel   Merry   Give   Gift   Joy   Peace   Spirit    Saint Nicolas   Jolly   Cheer   Mistletoe  Yuletide    St. Nick

or use them all to make a Festive Subway Art Piece!

 How sweet are the kids rooms all decked out! Show me some framed mitten love.

One month left, 51 sleeps to Go 

Monday, November 1, 2010

trick or treat

What??? It's over already?  I can't believe Halloween has come and gone! 

Meet the vG's.... the baby dragon, the cross eyed cop and the big nerd!

Can't forget Mr. vG and...

Oh yes it's me...pits and all!  And a special thanks to little miss Maya for giving me her sticky mustache to be used for my underarm decor : )

The cave people costumes were for an adult halloween party.  We made the costumes, but I really didn't get enough fabric..huh hmmm hence why I stretched {or should I say shortened} it a little.  (I am wearing a brown bathing suit underneath : )  The necklaces are from a rib dinner graciously hosted by my sister a couple of months ago.  I dried them out and Mr. vG drilled holes to string.  What a fantastic weekend!  Another special thanks to Lady Gaga for hosting the adult party : )

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! 

I've linked this post to the trick or treat party at Cottage and Vine : )