Saturday, March 13, 2010

roll out the barrel

Today I was going to blog about a St. Patrick's craft that the kids and I are making for Oma. I need to make a trip to Bulk Barn to complete our project, but this is what our day looks like....
The wind is crazy too, so, maybe tomorrow! The kids are getting busy in the kitchen, and I haven't heard any fighting for well over an hour. I did check on them and they are making confetti?? and it's ALL over, but hey. So a blogging I will go!
My cousin and his family from PEI recently moved not too far from me. Their place was a little smaller than the old victorian they had on the island. So they asked me if I wanted this wine barrel. WHAT? Are you kidding me? How did they know I wanted a wine barrel?
At first, I was going to rip it apart and attempt (attempt being the operative word) to make a chandelier out of it. Which I still think will be stunning in my family room someday! But for now, instead of it sitting in my garage, I stuck it in my front entrance...a wine barrel sunglass holder...who knew?

Aww pretty Bells having her moment of fame.

Rain Rain Go Away...

We're trying to get ready for St. Patricks Day!


  1. Love the basket of Flowers such beautiful colours... So welcoming!!

  2. You are one talented gal there Stacey! I loved your blog. I came across that photography book, so the next time one of the girls are heading down to visit you, I will have to send it with them.
    ps...Your home looks beautiful. You remind me of me...I'm always creating too! I'm trying upholstery as my next project.
    Keep up the great work...can't wait to see Nohl's new room!

  3. Hi from Ontario, Canada. You have a beautiful entry. Just what I need, an entry BIG enough for a wine barrel ;)


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