Wednesday, April 28, 2010

april treasures

Good Day Ladies!

Well the sun is shining and all is right with the world today. I wanted to share some of my April treasures with you, from the outside in. Southern Ontario, Canada, has had an unusal spring this year. Usually I can count on my tulips arriving in time for my youngest son's birthday, May 3. But this year, my garden is about two weeks early.

The fresh green grass and birth of the new tulips instantly bring a smile to my face. This garden goes through many changes throughout spring and summer. Right now it's bare with the exception of the tulips and by the end of summer it's jam packed with wonderful life!

Here's a close up...can you spot Mr. Chippy?

I'm always sad to clip my tulips from the garden...I love them inside but always feel like I'm robbing the garden of it's beauty. However, over the past two years, my tulips have mulitplied so much...there's no guilt!

So I clipped some tulip bouquets to display my indoor April treasures. Fleamarketing is something very new to me. I've always been, well almost embarrased to go to one??? That's all past me now! Just look at the good stuff I found...

I instantly fell in love with this chippy old window frame. The sea foam colour couldn't have been more perfect...and all for $5. My only problem with it was, I wanted to put it everywhere! I'm still unsure of it's final resting spot, but for now it's on my dressr in my bedroom framing the flowers.

I found this glass vase at Value Village for $1. I just love the fluting detail on it.

I also found this wooden old 7Up crate with reminants of their logo and paint. I've moved it around the house a bit too because it could have so many uses as well. It's found it's home on my kitchen table to house some everyday plates and a pitcher full of tulips.

The pitcher was another bargain found this month. I wasn't sure if it would leak or not, so I placed the tulips in a drinking glass of water and set it inside.

Well out to enjoy this glorious day in the backyard with a cup of joe. I've been completely spoiled this week...Ava had her first communion and we have loads of whip cream left over from her party....mmm mid-day coffee with whip cream. Have a great day, hope the sun is shining where ever you are! : )

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

doorknob makeover

Simple things can be forgotten when buying a builder home...like the fact that the contractors search high and low for the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to installing light fixtures and doorknobs in our homes. I think the brass doorknob comes in at a whopping $5.49 in most Canadian hardware stores, compared to a decent black knob ringing in around $35.00 and up.

I can't walk by a door in my home without hearing that pshyco music (wweeh wweeh wweeh) as I see my head reflected back at me in the most unusual of bubbly shapes. And even though yesterday I was feeling the onset of a certain cold coming on...those knobs were going to meet their maker! I was in a shopping mood, and yet something must have been drastically wrong with me because after dragging a girlfriend round store after store to find who knows what, I came only with only flat black spray paint and birthday invitations. It was a proud day for Mr. vG. And the doorknob makeover begins...

Meet the enemy...

I put a screw through a piece of plywood to hold up the knobs of this sort, and then sprayed around them. I sprayed a coat of primer and then continued on with two coats of the black Rustoleum Painters' Touch in matte finish.

Mr. vG came home in the middle of my project and was quite impressed with my layout of knobs. But of course, had something to say. He thought that the primer was a good step to ensure a better adhersion of the paint, however, if you want to take it one step further, he suggests sanding lightly with a ultra high grade sanding paper, one that won't leave scratch marks and then priming and painting. Urgh. Well, I quit at my six knobs then...only 32 more to go tomorrow when I pick up some sand paper. So many knobs...

Here's a peek of the before and afters:

Oh and I've not looked around in blogland to see if someone has tried this already, so I don't know the success rate of how well the paint holds up. I will give it a couple of weeks for my three children to abuse them and let you all know. Until then...have yourself a wonderful week!

PS In the pictures, I haven't done the hinges yet...but they will come next let me assure you! My brassy days are numbered! : )


Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty DIY Vases

Pretty painted vases...what a simply lovely idea. Watch Stephanie White, from House and Home, as she transforms clear vases, jars and plates into works of art with only paint?! Pretty DIY vases ~ tutorial.

And to make it even more cost effective, I've recently learned a paint tip from Janice at Canadian Cottage. She suggests pouring a bit of basic white paint into a yogurt container and mixing it with small amounts of coloured dollar store craft paint until you achieve your colour of choice. How great is that??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sarah's farmhouse ~ episodes 6-7

Welcome back to Sarah's Farmhouse

In Episode 6, Sarah and Tommy build a new living space addition on to the original farmhouse. Through the use of whitewashed barnboard ceilings, a focal fireplace and many other delicious accents, this new build living room blends beautifully with the charm of the farm.

The Family Room

In Episode 7, it was boy's vs girls. Tommy did the boys' room in blue's and green's. A little more on the femine side, Sarah's chose to go with purple and pink for the girls' room.

The Boys Bedroom

The Girl's Bedroom

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Shopping Guide for Living Room

Shopping Guide for Kids' Bedroom

Saturday, April 17, 2010

bitchen kitchens

I think the title says it all!

From Country to Coastal to Old World Charm.....I hope you love them as much as I do.

Country Living

Victoria Hagan

House and Home

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Martha Stewart

House Beautiful

Hosue Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Coastal Living

Country Living

Country Living

House Beautiful

I hope these pictures were of some inspiration...I know I'm inspired! : )