Monday, November 1, 2010

trick or treat

What??? It's over already?  I can't believe Halloween has come and gone! 

Meet the vG's.... the baby dragon, the cross eyed cop and the big nerd!

Can't forget Mr. vG and...

Oh yes it's me...pits and all!  And a special thanks to little miss Maya for giving me her sticky mustache to be used for my underarm decor : )

The cave people costumes were for an adult halloween party.  We made the costumes, but I really didn't get enough fabric..huh hmmm hence why I stretched {or should I say shortened} it a little.  (I am wearing a brown bathing suit underneath : )  The necklaces are from a rib dinner graciously hosted by my sister a couple of months ago.  I dried them out and Mr. vG drilled holes to string.  What a fantastic weekend!  Another special thanks to Lady Gaga for hosting the adult party : )

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! 

I've linked this post to the trick or treat party at Cottage and Vine : )


  1. Wow Stacey! I never knew how much our husband have in common. Too funny! And your little guys are so cute!


  2. That's great! Love the spirit. What fun costumes :) Happy Monday

  3. Your kids look adorable! You and your hubby are rockin those costumes!! Love the armpit hair!!


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