Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet Paul

Why have I not seen this before now? 

Do you remember Martha Stewart Kids magazine?  It was one of my favourite magazines and I used to get all giddy when my subscription would arrive in the mail.  You can only imagine my grief when they stopped the magazine. 

Well Sweet Paul has filled my void!  

Not only is his blog fan-TAB-u-LOUS...but there is also an online Sweet Paul Magazine too with an option to buy the printed copy of the issue.  Stunning photography, recipes, crafts, decor...and lots more!  

Be sure to stop by and see Paul for many more sweet ideas!


  1. Thanks. I miss Martha Stewart Kids too. When my kids were small, I used so many ideas from there!

  2. O my!!! those pictures look "yummie".....I will go and have a look at that blog...maybe I can buy it????(probably not;))....
    I studied interiorstyling and coloradvice!
    Need help??;)!!

    HOORAY for me;)!!!


  3. Hello !! have a nice sweet weekend.....owwww...that looks verry yammie.....love Ria....xxx..

  4. I hope you come back to blogging and inspiring ! Xo

  5. I miss that magazine! I am going to have to check this new one out!

  6. That's the thing that makes magazines so awesome. You get so excited every month it comes to your door. I miss that.


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