Wednesday, April 28, 2010

april treasures

Good Day Ladies!

Well the sun is shining and all is right with the world today. I wanted to share some of my April treasures with you, from the outside in. Southern Ontario, Canada, has had an unusal spring this year. Usually I can count on my tulips arriving in time for my youngest son's birthday, May 3. But this year, my garden is about two weeks early.

The fresh green grass and birth of the new tulips instantly bring a smile to my face. This garden goes through many changes throughout spring and summer. Right now it's bare with the exception of the tulips and by the end of summer it's jam packed with wonderful life!

Here's a close up...can you spot Mr. Chippy?

I'm always sad to clip my tulips from the garden...I love them inside but always feel like I'm robbing the garden of it's beauty. However, over the past two years, my tulips have mulitplied so much...there's no guilt!

So I clipped some tulip bouquets to display my indoor April treasures. Fleamarketing is something very new to me. I've always been, well almost embarrased to go to one??? That's all past me now! Just look at the good stuff I found...

I instantly fell in love with this chippy old window frame. The sea foam colour couldn't have been more perfect...and all for $5. My only problem with it was, I wanted to put it everywhere! I'm still unsure of it's final resting spot, but for now it's on my dressr in my bedroom framing the flowers.

I found this glass vase at Value Village for $1. I just love the fluting detail on it.

I also found this wooden old 7Up crate with reminants of their logo and paint. I've moved it around the house a bit too because it could have so many uses as well. It's found it's home on my kitchen table to house some everyday plates and a pitcher full of tulips.

The pitcher was another bargain found this month. I wasn't sure if it would leak or not, so I placed the tulips in a drinking glass of water and set it inside.

Well out to enjoy this glorious day in the backyard with a cup of joe. I've been completely spoiled this week...Ava had her first communion and we have loads of whip cream left over from her party....mmm mid-day coffee with whip cream. Have a great day, hope the sun is shining where ever you are! : )


  1. Hi Stacey
    Oh the window is just perfect! I love it so much. I can see how you would want to carry it with you to whatever room you were in! The tulips are lovely too, I can't wait until we have a garden that has flowers I can cut and bring inside. Your backyard looks so pretty with the water. It looks like you are very talented with plants, is that a fern in the background? I always seem to kill them. Hope you had a great day today, talk to you soon

  2. Oh my heavens! I just looked through your blog and you have amazing tastes! Please come decorate my house!!!!!! I'm in love with everything I see!


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