Thursday, June 3, 2010

our garden in June...

About 5 years ago, Mr. vG and his weight belt went out into every forest, nook and cranny to find us these stones for our front walk. We have two types of greenery growing between the rocks...your typical iris moss and some type of succulent that I haven't the slighest what it's called. I heart my walkway.

More dedication on behalf of Mr. vG and his endless talents...he built this charming gate for the side of the house... and more back breaking stones lead us to the backyard.

Mr. vG also poured his blood, sweat and tears into this fence 2 summers ago. We have rocks upon rocks underground here...so alot of fencing companies won't even dig the post holes because it completely wrecks their equipment. So he dug it all out by hand...4 feet deep per hole, and let me tell you...we could have a tornado pass through, our house would be flattened but this fence isn't going anywhere! Last summer he tackled the other side and will complete the lattice this year. I'm so very proud of all his hard work!! {ILYMTYK}

Hmmmm, I'm starting to wonder what I do around here??? Well below is a picture of our canopy. We've always had it out in the lawn much to my dismay. Our lawn is sloped ever so slighly but enough to make you feel sea sick on the chairs. Our neighbour was putting in a pool last year and ripped up their deck. So we used the wood from their old deck {thanks B&D} to make a little platform to straighten out our canopy.

So did I build this? Uhhh no, Mr. vG did. He even hooked up speakers, you can see the black squares in the top corners of the canopy. Now I can groove in the garden. But I did make the pleated skirt around the base of the platform. I used burlap and a staple gun and topped it off by nailing in a piece of trim. I love how it really softened up the look and it's almost as if it's free floating. I love the way this project turned out.

Eventually, we have plans to put in wooden structure, perhaps a pergola like the pictures below:

This project is put on hold for now as it requires a huge budget. I've been told... "I always make things difficult." So we can't just build the darn structure...first I NEED to blow out my dining room window for french doors because I NEED to be able to see the stone fireplace from inside too. Oh yes, my list is soooo long and my dreaming has to stop or else I'll never get anything done around here!!

So for now, I'll count my lucky stars that I have a husband who slaves around here and enjoy what I have, because really when it comes down to it... good friends and a glass of red wine are all I need!

Finally this year I planted a few herb pots! I love basil, cilantro..well any herb really. This year we are trying out some pineapple basil too...very interesting!

And our peonies are blooming! What a wonderful sight! Now if I could just order Mr. Sun back....

Here's wishing you all a Fantastic Weekend ~CHEERS


  1. Wow, Your garden is amazing! Lucky you that you have such a handy and hard working husband! The stones, gazebo, and gate are perfect and the landscaping is beautiful.
    xo, Sherry

  2. Thanks Sherry! Not only is my husband handy and hardworking but he rubs my back for a whole movie!! I think I'll keep him!!

  3. You have a wonderful yard! The landscaping is perfect. Your pathway is my favorite...I am hoping to do something like that, well my husband will be doing it...I am too blessed with a hard working husband , who also can see my visions! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your garden! the walkway,the fence the hanging planters and your dining area all look great,the burlap fringe is a nice touch too.
    Love those peonies-my early ones are just starting to bloom here and I am hoping for sunshine too!


  5. oh my gosh! Everything is beautiful! It looks like a fabulous place to relax.
    hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Hi Tracey,
    I've been away from my computer (got too busy with the kids!).
    Your backyard is lovely! I know you are missing Mr. Sun, but I love when the rain comes and leaves everything so fresh and clean!
    I live in Edmonton and the peonies here don't even bloom yet. We are having a very bad weather lately. But will come, right?
    Wishing you a wonderful and sunny day!
    Li :-)

  7. Hi Stacey!!! Oh I LOVE your garden! the path, the gate, the flowers and the gazebo!!!! love all!!! It's a fantastic place to relax!!!


  8. I have awards for you if you would like them. I am sorry but I don't always see if a blog is award free, so if it is sorry again but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog.

  9. You have a beautiful garden and a beautiful home. I love all the pride you take in your garden.


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