Saturday, May 29, 2010

how romantic...

Couldn't we all just use some time out? Some time to call our own to relax, to remember, to forget, to indulge, to make peace or just plain escape...even if only for a few minutes?


a delivery of unexpected, "just because" flowers

morning tea or cappuccino and a lovely light breakfast

just sit for awhile, maybe read under the tree and enjoy the breeze

an hour of total bliss at the spa

can't get enough outdoor dining

relax in an outdoor bubblebath

a glass of wine by the roar of a wood burning fire

and to bed with the glow of candle light
(if you're really lucky the local hunky fireboy will come to blow out the candles)

Thank goodness Mr. vG & I have a three day holiday coming up...I haven't finalized any of the details as of yet...but I hope it goes something like this!


  1. A long, long, long time ago...I was having a bad day, and then there was a knock at my door. A delivery man was standing there with a dozen roses! I read the card..."Just Because", in my husbands hand writting. It changed my day from bad to wonderful! So from that day on I L.O.V.E. "Just Because" flowers.

    Your post is wonderful! Thanks!

  2. Hi stacey. I really would need a whole day in a spa.....Anyone wants to join me??? xoxo

  3. Hello Stacey,
    How nice to meet another canadian fella!
    Well, first of all, thanks for your comment.
    I did paint the cabinets myself, and a nice tip is:
    I didn't send, just use a primer and a water base paint. Two coats are always better!
    I'll start painting the kitchen cabinets and i'll make a DIY about it!
    Love your pictures! I would love to go to a spa some day. I'm a stay at home as weel, of three amazing and energetic kids!
    I'll be happy to follow you and will have you on my blog list, so I can visit more often!
    Wich part of Canada are you in?
    Have a lovely day!
    :-) Li

  4. That's something I've been meaning to do go to a spa and let all my stress out.


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