Friday, February 10, 2012

drink up {p52 - 6}

 So it's week 6 and I have 2 posts?  bad bad bad p-52er!  Maybe I should hunt down the p-12 group?

my head holding
ear bending
dimply knuckled
milk mustachey
alfalfa haired
5 year old!

It takes a lot of work to eat your breakfast when you're 5.  I love this morning moment.  It's amazing to me that if I hadn't stopped to take this picture, I may not have even noticed all these silly little things.  I'm the one busy making breakfast and lunches in the morning...so I never take the time to sit and watch their sweet little ways.  Today was a reminder to take the time to notice my blessings!

Oh yes...and I'm to clarify, that's a "manly pink" cup.

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  1. I would recognize that Ikea cute anywhere! We have those too. Yes, manly it is!

  2. Such a sweet photo. Love the morning sun streaming in.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to notice the everyday moments that are really the special moments. Sweet photo.

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