Thursday, May 6, 2010

fairy tale homes

Home is a place of comfort and joy, like a warm coat on a cold night." ~ Alexandria Stoddard

A certain dream. Carmel by the Sea. These lovely and charming homes have been stored in my computer for months now. I often wonder....How would life be different if I lived in one of these fairy tale cottages?

Would I bake more cookies?

Befriend every animal in the forest?

or perhaps I'd burst out in song instead of sentence
for no reason other than to display my utter happiness for existence?!

Certainly my inner child is inspired to imagine!

This quaint, romantic cottage is actually a bed and breakfast located just steps from the Carmel shores. Edgemere Cottages...A romantic Bed & Breakfast by the Sea

This one in particular, with its crooked stone chimney and its pitchy roofs, is my very favourite.

There is a lovely story about "the builder of dreams", Hugh Comstock, and how he came to build these lovely cottages in Carmel, California. Visit Linda Yvonne for many more gorgeous photos and the stories she shares about their makers.

Also, visit a very talented and sweet blogger from Italy, Flaviana, who wrote a post the other day titled "Little Red Riding Hood". This was my inspiration for following through with this post. She relates this well known fairy tale to her everyday working life so well, and the pictures are eyecatching. Thanks for sharing Flaviana!

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  1. I think the romatic cottage is my favorite! Happy mothers day to you!


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