Tuesday, October 26, 2010

chanelling paneling...

Time and time again, I find myself drooling over rooms with paneling of any sort.  Wainscoting, beadboard, board and batten and other mouldings alike make me weak in the knees.  Something about it provides the perfect sense of cozy warmth.  A staple so to speak...kind of like your favourite pair of jeans.

I adore this picture. The painted paneling, those amazing old wood floors and don't even get me started on that built in book shelf... {sigh}

While you're at it, add it to the ceiling too!  Why should it be all lonely up there?

This entryway is stunning with the floor to ceiling detail.  I usually don't care for crown moulding and baseboard to be painted out with the wall, but here it seems to work beautifully.

Imagine these rooms without their decorative wall detail.  Sure they would still be nice rooms, but the paneling provides the perfect backdrop and commends that extra element of warmth and texture.

 And {sigh, sigh double sigh} beams are high on my wish list!  Again floor to ceiling paneling topped with beamy goodness.

 Horizontal placement is making a big stir these days....and for good reason...gorgeous!

Melaine from Sweet Savannah has added all the perfect touches to make this a most inviting family room.  I love every detail in this room, but of course, sing it with me now....paneling!!! 

The picture below is what I'm trying to talk my husband into doing around our soaker tub. Currently, it is surrounded with tile....it's the same tile that is on our floor, the wall around the tub and in front of the tub. Really it looks like someone threw up tile in my bathroom. Mr. vG doesn't like the idea of mixing wood with water...it's the man in him... I only see the beauty in it. What do you think? Anyone have paneling around their tub?

Some exciting news for me...a few days ago,  I got my Dash & Albert rug in from CSN.  It is amazing!  So amazing that I painted my bathroom 2 hours after the rug hit the floor.  The new wall paint only spurred me on more and I am now in the process of painting the cabinets and framing a mirror...let's all of us cross our fingers as tight as we can that I just might get some PANELING of some sort in my bathroom!!!  Pretty please with extra sugar!  More on this soon : )


  1. Hi, just found you via a comment on my blog...had to see this photo your four year old took! WOW, okay, I'm now convinced, kids DO take the best photos! Janell

  2. Can't wait to see the rug! And I am in love with any and all woodwork as well. JUST GORGEOUS!

  3. I love paneling!! I have been thinking about adding to our living room but not sure the hubby will for it. Great inspiration photos! Good luck with your hubby! :)

  4. I love paneling too and you posted some of my favorites. Can't wait to see your rug & new digs.


  5. love all of these images!
    love me some paneling...

  6. Ohhh, I love it all! I wish I had a little cottage. I am trying to turn mine into one - lol. So pretty!


  7. Gorgeous pics Stacey...I love them all! Can't wait to see what you've been up to, crossing my fingers for your paneling too! ~Deb~

  8. don't have it, but want it!!! Tell the Mister he can paint it with waterresistant paint(DUHHHHHH)...and tell him to do it SOON(so I can have a look and share it with MY sweetheart;)))


  9. Hi Stacey!!!! I love wood paneling and would like to add it to my living room in the future. Can't wait to see your new bathroom!!!!

  10. Stacey, I also love paneling and wainscoting. We just got an estimate for adding beams to our morning room. Very expensive..looks like this project is on hold.
    xoxo, Sherry

  11. Ok Stacey, I'm on board too with the paneling...I've always loved it too. I just love, love, love your decorating style. You have the touch kiddo! Keep up the good work. It's been awhile since I've checked in...I enjoyed catching up. Love that humour of yours! Tell that hubby of yours to give in on the paneling. Doesn't he know yet, that a happy wife makes a happy Mr. vG???

  12. I love all of these inspiration photos!! My husband just installed board and batten panelling in our dining room and hall, and I was wanting to paint the paneling and the walls the same color of white, but wasn't sure how it would look. I thought it would look better if the paneling was white, and the walls above were a diffenent color, but your inspiration photos have me convinced that all white would look just right!! :)
    Hope you get your paneling soon!!

  13. I'd love to see more of the bathroom. that would be nice. Such a beautiful home. I wish it was my home.


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