Sunday, October 10, 2010

over the top pumpkins

I've been keeping a folder of pumpkin photos that I really love. I just couldn't edit any of them out...so there a quite a few pictures : ) Hope you enjoy them...

I love stacked pumpkins...but isn't this a great idea to carve out your house numbers?

Some people are just so very creative...what sweet little pumpkin owls using sunflower seeds for the ears, eyes and claws.

I love this whimsical look ... pumpkin hotel for mice is mighty nice.

How cool is this giant shadow up the stairs??? You could probably cut out the shadow using bristol board and tape it to your risers using double sided tape. Big impact on a budget I'd say!

I think this is about the coolest thing I've ever seen! Paint a shadow tree on your pumpkins, stack em up and voila....could it really be that easy???

I'm hoping to try this out this year...I think it'll look smashing beside my new Dead & Breakfast sign.

I never would have thought of putting a mask on a pumpkin...but I totally love it.
Hope you've enjoyed all these amazing ideas! These pictures and ideas came from Martha Stewart, Country Home, Country Living, Susiebeezie and Family Circle.


  1. *SIGH*....so....NOW you show me these!!!! The girls spend their afternoon "killing" a beast of a pumpkin....and now I think...Hmmm....the one with the numbers......so you tell me??? Go and buy another pumpkin??? Consider it done ;)))


  2. Just when I thought I had the pumpkin thing in the bag. Ughhh. Wishing I had an outside staircase to line with pumpkins. Those are fun. Thanks!

  3. Love these ideas! i say you recreate the tree one! x

  4. I LOVE all these...especially the owl! I'm going to share this fabulous post with my fans! Stop by!

  5. Those are some really great ideas, however, I am verrrrry bad at carving pumpkins. I have relatives up the road who have a pumpkin farm, so at least I will have plenty of them to try some ideas on...haha

  6. No wonder you couldn't narrow it down...they are all great!!!! Saving these for next year!!!

  7. I'm glad you included them all, Stacey. These are great inspiration! A couple of my favorites are the pumpkins with the carved out holes for the mice, the painted tree and spider pumpkins, the owls, and the last picture... all very unique and creative!!
    Happy Tuesday!
    ~ Jo :)

    P.S. Your blog is looking great... love your fall header picture! :)

  8. Wow this post is chock full of inspiration. I really need to get on the ball.


  9. I never thought of taking pumpkins and craving out your house number. That is really cute. I'm going to do that now.


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