Saturday, October 9, 2010


Normally, I really don't decorate outside of the ordinary pumpkins, coloured fall leaves and mums for the fall season. But this year, I wanted to play a little with some halloween decorating for the kids sake, uh huh, for the kids. I bought these giant spiders from Dollarama and thought they'd look cool climbing up my mirrors and picture frames within the house. Their legs are bendy, so I bent one on each side and tucked them on either side of the frames and they stay nicely.

My favourite girl, Ava worked hard tracing and cutting out the bat templates from Country Living. Click here to see Country Living's bats....they did them outside with stiffened felt, which would be sooo cool too, but we kept our indoors and used black bristol board and hung them on the walls with double sided tape.

I finally finished my Dead & Breakfast sign!!! This idea came from Better Homes and Gardens...for tutorial go here. Also, check out one of my favourite blogs, My Sweet Savannah, the overly talented Melaine did her own version of this sign as well.

Sporting one beer with lime cordial and an assortment of power tools (not sure that's the best combo heheh) I ventured in the driveway with some old weathered decking boards and went to town making the sign. I was VERY nervous to paint the lettering on the sign, but a few days ago, when all was quiet in the house, I got out the graphite paper, paint and brushes and was very surprised at how easy it was....... soooo easy! Graphite paper rocks! Now all I have left to do is hang the vacancy sign with chain and put it up in the front yard.

Happy weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving : )

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  1. That sign is fantastic. And the whole setting of how you made it sounds great! Nicely done.

  2. uhm...I have a black cat....is that enough???:) Halloween is not BIG here in Holland, you see some party's here and there but decoration....mwah....small things....but your sign is AMAZING( I saw melanie's a while ago). Really a job well done!
    I bought some pumpkins today though......for soup!:D And that's as much halloween as I will get ;)...o and my vase...did you see my pumpkin vase??? That's maybe something for you, empty it en fill it with candy...:D...



  3. Your Hallowe'en decorating looks fantastic, Stacey! You're so very creative....

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. love the sign! love decorating for various occasions- picked up a lovely autumn wreath and autumn centerpiece with candles this year for the house! lovin' loblaws!! laura

  5. Your home looks so festive!! I love the sign you made. So cool!!


  6. LOVE IT ALL, Stacey!! Those giant spiders are great. I tried to find some, but didn't find any. :( I can see how Lulu's fall decorations inspired us both... hahaha!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)


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