Saturday, July 10, 2010

diaries of a waistline

I was at the grocery store the other day loading up on grapes that were on sale. I had about 6 bags full. The lady ringing me through says..."dear, you must really love your grapes then!" Every time I bulk buy grapes I get this crazy look from people.

It's not really a big secret! I freeze them is all. If you are watching your waistline, or not, this is a fantastic treat for movie time or late night snacking without guilt. It gives me the crunch and sweetness I need.

I'm sure nobody needs directions on how to freeze grapes, but I've included what I do anyway. I stem all the grapes into a sink full of water. Swish away, drain and rinse. I roll them to dry in paper towel, freezing without drying can cause some frosting which I don't particularly care for. Seperate grapes into ziploc sandwich baggies in desired serving amounts.

I used to write the dates on the outside of the bags, but I find that I go through them so quickly that I really don't need this extra step. Also, I do NOT recommend eating when thawed...ick!

Do you have any simple waistline watching snack ideas? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Stacey!!!As chronic dieter Im always looking for my waistline;)(at this moment I happen to have lost ALL line :(..) and could use MORE tips like this, but I have to say, never ever saw someone freez grapes before!!!! And then what?? You eat them frozen??? (my poor teeth;)).....well.....if you say so, I'm gonna try!:D

    About the weather, most of the day we sit inside, when you walk out,the heat just takes your breath away.....so, from the inside, to the pool and back;)...in the evening we show our faces outside, but they say temperature is gonna drop a degree or 5.....so.....then we will be able to enjoy it again;).

    Summer=zomer....lesson 3;).....maybe I should put it on cd, you can practice while cleaning or reading or.......;))))

    Have a nice weekend my friend, and pleace keep your fingers crossed on sundayevening, WE(the Netherlands) have to play the finals at the world cup soccergames..........;)))

    BYE BYE!

  2. OOOpps Lynda...yes I do eat them frozen! I love them! Even though they are frozen, they aren't really rock solid, (very easy to cut in half with your teeth) so your teeth should be ok hahhaha.

    Here in Canada, to support your country of choice, everyone has small flags on their cars hanging out the windows. We will most definately be tuning in for the game and of course....GO NETHERLANDS!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea, Stacey! I've never thought of this, but I'm definitely going to try it. I think my kids will love it, too.
    I'm so glad you visited! I sure do appreciate your sweet comment!! I haven't tried bringing my lavender in yet, but I've seen all kinds of wonderful ideas in Blogland. It's so hot here that my lavender isn't at it's best this time of year, but I plan on trying out some things in the fall or next spring. I was out pruning the lavender today and the smell was intoxicating...I just LOVE it! Lavender lemonade sounds delicious. I'm gonna have to try that, too. Thanks for all of these wonderful ideas (hehe)!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

    P.S. Your blueberry muffins from your previous post looks DElicious, too. Your blogs looking great! :)

  4. Grape lover right here! I'm havin some as I type.....freezing them....PerFECT!!!

  5. Never heard/thought of freezing grapes for a snack. I tried it, and I like them! Thanks for sharing the tip!

  6. waitline watchers????... well, it wouldn't be blueberry cream muffins ... to be sure

    the lap pool is my best snack friend ... 500 calories in 50 minutes of freestyle ... then ...ALMOST anything in small portions is permissible ...
    on days don't swim ... i love a handful of almonds with a glass of red

    thanks for the chat

  7. I love frozen grapes! I think I better get some quick because I have been snacking on chocolate lately...not a good thing! I haven't been to Ontario for years but would love to visit Toronto just to shop at Flik and Co., have you ever been?

  8. This is fascinating, Stacey. I wouldn't have thought of it but what a great idea. Much better than chips! Thanks so much for your visit. I hope you are having a lovely week. – g

  9. Dear Stacy,
    I come to you from Cityfarmer's site and I must say... you are adorable! I used to love frozen grapes from the freezer section of the store but hadn't even thought that I could freeze them myself! Thanks so much for the tip!I shall go and buy a few bags to freeze today!

    I'm very new to blogging (my site is just days old!) but I think I have really been missing out on something... I love it!
    Enjoy your summer treat!

  10. Dear Stacey
    this is such a lovely and healthy idea! actually I like to snack on onion chips, that's a sure fire way to keep my man away from the sofa and the remote ;-) but I'd better try grapes from now on!
    P.S.I went through all of your past posts today (catching up you know!) and, Stacey,I really enjoyed loking at pictures of your house, it's beautiful!!
    Have a sweet day

  11. I love frozen grapes, it's one of my favorites, expecially in the bottem of a wine glass :) Oh wait that wouldn't help the waist line. Have a wonderful day!

  12. My daughter just asked me to start freezing grapes. She had them at a friend's house and really liked it!

  13. My hubby loves to do this too! I just love your blog Stacey! Thanks so much for leaving me some encouraging words on mine!

  14. What a great idea! Just finished washing and freezing my second batch since reading the blog a while back! You are fantastic Stacey!


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