Sunday, July 25, 2010

off my rocker

Some things you just can't part with...no matter what. So... you make the best of it.

Meet the rocker. Back when my husband was single and in his early 20's, this rocker was one of his first purchases he made when he moved to his own place {insert record scratch noise here} WHAT?? Why the heck would a young man with no female ties buy a rocking chair? No idea...he doesn't even know why he bought it.

But it served it's purpose well. I used this ugly orange wood toned rocking chair to soothe all 3 of my babies. And when I was in between babies, I borrowed it out to a friend to do the same. So as much as I really never cared for the chair, there are just way too many special bonding mommy moments for me to part with it.

Chair meets paint...and a little hello from sandpaper too.

I've now a new fondness for this chair, I only wish I would have painted it years ago.
Take a closer look at what you have....before you get rid of something with sentimental value, think facelift first.


  1. Stacey, it came out beautifully. I love how you can see all the little decorative details now. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I love this chair...with the paint! :)

    found you from The Virginia House!

  3. I had one!!! also used in both nurcery's;)....painted yes...white yes.....but I don't have it anymore:(...my house is just to small to keep everything!!! And......we cut of those rockingthingies underneath(don't know the word for them but you know what I mean??) I was a little bit tired of picking up crying children who "rocked"to hard;)))))

  4. Words of wisdom indeed. Your rocker is beautiful and I'm so glad you have it. I love the fluffy seat cushion.


  5. Beautiful! Love the picture with the window. I can't believe your husband bought that! Hope things are going well with you, I'll be in touch soon, things have been so busy with us!
    Talk soon

  6. Love the chair and Love the music youve added ~ as always a great blog piece xxx

  7. Hi Stacey....my very first post (less than two months ago) was about "refreshing" a 32yr old rocking chair and your thoughts echo mine...."I only wish I had painted it years ago." My rocker was a "coming home from the hospital with baby" gift from baby's Godmother and it was showing it's age. I may redo it again as I think I distressed mine too much. I like yours better!

  8. Oh..I wish I had your email so I could respond to your delightful comment about my wing chair slipcover. I can't tell you how easy it was to make. I started my second wing chair slipcover yesterday and it's all pinned and ready for me to insert the piping and sew it up. You don't need sewing skills to make one. If you have a machine and you can sew a straight line...you can make a slipcover! I promise!
    If you need any help, encouragement or advice please let me know. I would be pleased to help you!

  9. Hi Stacey!!! oh this rocking chair is wonderful in white! Love it, love it, love it!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  10. Your rocking chair looks amazing Stacey! I love it!!!

  11. Hi Stacey,
    Got the pizza in the oven, thought I'd pop over to see what you're up to. I LOVE the way your rocker turned out and the fabrics you used! It looks sooo comfy now. I wouldn't have wanted to get rid of it either. ;o)
    Talk soon,

  12. I say he bought it for you :) It's gorgeous, you did a fabulous job!!! I would never part with it either!

  13. Dear Stacey,
    What a great chair! And it has been given a new life with that gorgeous paint job! I sure do hope my family's 150 year old ancestral home that we are just about to start renovating turns out so well!
    Well done!

  14. It is fabulous, way to go with the white paint~ what a life saver!

  15. Stacey, I am giving you a standing ovation! I love the look of your rocker. Very pretty and cozy and inviting. I have an oak rocker that is 25 years old. I got it when I was expecting my first baby. And I rocked all my babies in it too. I have'nt parted with it. But it is stashed away.

    After seeing how darling your rocker came out, I am going to put it in the furniture to be painted line-up!

    I just came in from putting another coat of paint on a little table. It was much more work than I thought. So I'll post it next week.

    You inspired me! Thanks for the is wonderful post!

  16. Oh my gosh, I am totally in love - that rocker is beautiful and that corner of your room just looks lovely. Visiting from Blue Cricket Design :-). Have a great day!!


  17. So very true (on taking a closer look at what you have) It turned out so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!

  18. W-O-W. I am so very impressed. I love that you took an old sentimental piece of furniture and turned it into something unique that you love even more. Beautiful.



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