Friday, March 12, 2010

the apple juice can..can

I wanted to share a project that I did today, well partly yesterday too!

How to Make Your Own
  • I took a used can of apple juice, and peeled off the label. There may be a little bit of glue on the can from under the paper, but it pops off quite easily with a knife.

  • Use a can opener to cut away the top of the can. Be mindful to bend down any sharp edging on the inside of the can.

  • Rinse out any left over juice, trying not to get the outside of the can wet so that you can paint it right away.

  • Paint to colour of your choice and let dry, a second coat may be needed (I used Benjamin Moore's Niveous.)

  • I hotglued a layer of bulap, then a width of pretty edged ribbon, then tied my main ribbon into a bow. (On the first picture, I embellished further with an old earring!)

I was hosting my sister's baby shower a few years ago, and wanted to make my table look super sweet, without the super price tag. I did three of these as a centerpiece, however, the theme was pink and brown coloured. It turned out really beautiful and everyone was amazed when I told them they were made from juice cans!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Let me know what you think? : )

  2. Great project, Stacey! Love they layering of the burlap and ribbons. The addition of the earring is extra special! Such a great idea for a shower centerpiece!

  3. This is a great idea and I have one of those apple juice cans! Thanks.


  4. Great idea, I love it! These would be so pretty for an outdoor party!

    Kat :)

  5. Very pretty! I love any project that uses stuff I would otherwise throw out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great idea! I love it with the burlap.

  7. This is beautiful. What a great idea!

  8. That is just darling! Stacey - your blog is so cute!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!


  9. This rocks! It looks so cute! I love reusing my junk!!!

  10. I've seen people use cans before and they always look just like a can. I think you've figured it out by using neutral colors and thereby making it look rather vintage. They are really lovely!

  11. Great Idea! It looks fabulous! This may be a project to borrow.

  12. A great way to reuse something destined for the landfill...
    and it is so pretty now!

  13. absolutely delightful! It's so pretty and charming! I dropped in from SNS and am so happy that I did. Hope to see you back at my place sometime soon! I have become a follower and hope you will do the same. until later...

  14. This is beautiful! Hard to believe it came from a can of juice! Coming over from Funky Junk Interiors and glad I did! Happy new follower!



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