Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nohl's room ~ Part 1

We have a birthday coming up in May and Nohl is going to turn 4!! OOOOoooo my baby!! Well, for me, that means a room redo!!

Frank and I were actually supposed to start this project over March break, but we got busy with some unexpected work and Nohl's room got shoved to the sidelines. So today, I thought I'd just show you the before pictures of his room and some pictures of boy rooms that I will be taking some ideas from.

Nohl's room is the teen-iest, is that a word?, in the house measuring 10x10. He has all hand me down furiture that really is a mish mash of junk!

There are still some aspects of his room that I will keep because I love them. I love the baskets under his bed, I love the shelf/curtain rod above his window that Frank made, and I love hooks...but other than that, EVERYTHING else needs an update! Awww, I think I just might shed a tear when that builder light plate comes down?? I'll just have to get over that one somehow.

So what have we learned today: Nohl has the smallest bedroom in the joint with the most crap! Let's look at some ideas to change that shall we?

I'm still not sure about the bed. It actually came from a girlfriend of mine down the street. She's had this bed set up in her basement for almost 8 years and didn't even know where it came from or whose it was...so we adopted it. I thought I might paint it either red or blue like this one.

Or what if I skip the bed and do something like this:

I was thinking that because of the size of his room, that a built in might add some interest and cozy up the small space.

(pic: Hutker Architects)


Look at this amazing idea for a bed....a hanging bed is too cool! (pic: coastal living)

Now, I do have wainscotting in this bedroom, so I'm thinking about colours...do I use two colours or keep it uniform? I'm liking these combos of brown/white with hits of red and blue.

Well, I've got a lot to think about. We should be getting started in the next week, so come back to see what we've done! And by all means, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love it Stacey! I think with the wainscotting I really like the white/brown with accents of red or blue - what is Nohl's favourite color?

  2. Congrats on the new blog - looks great. And good luck with the room re-do. We're in the middle of doing that for Alex as well.

    His old room was tiny too - so we got him a loft bed with another single that can be moved around. It was a tight squeeze, but it gave him a fun place to play as the underside of the loft bed was like his own personal fort. The bed also had a built-in desk, shelves, small cabinet and drawers, so it actually is multi-purpose. Our only rule was that he couldn't sleep at night in the bunk until he was older so he wasn't trying to climb down while it was dark and he was sleepy.

    Can't wait to see the 'after' pictures.

  3. Add some pics xxxx


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