Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burlap Picture Frame

I have some left over burlap from my tablecloth and I was thinking about all the things that I could possibly do with it?! I had these pink velour frames from Ava's room that never did make it up on her wall. They've been stacked in her closet now for about 4 years. So I thought..hmmm maybe they'd look good in burlap?

See this is why I love blogging, not that anyone is actually reading this...hello, anybody there, but 4 years..really? It only took me 4 years and a blog to do this!

If you look closely you'll see screw marks that are permantly there! Cover that bad boy up!
If you'd like to make one too:
  • Cut out burlap to fit over your frame
  • Place the frame on your burlap and trace out the center of the frame with a permanent marker pen
  • To make your corners nice, cut in the middle up to your angle (see pic below)

  • When cutting out the extra burlap in the center, don't cut exactly on your marked line...be sure to cut below it so you have enough burlap to hot glue to the inside of your frame
  • Continue to hot glue the outside of your frame, pulling snuggly

  • For the outside corners, I cut again on the angle, and then snipped them to a 90 degrees, fold over and hot glue (pics above and below)
and here you have it..one burlap covered frame...that's me holding my sister when we were younger...and YES I KNOW I look like "throw mama from the train!"

The little flower is left over burlap pieces that I cut into circles and crumpled up, ribbon and a button. I really really thought this was a super easy effort project. Burlap is my friend, oh and I can't forget to credit the hot glue!

Caution: many a fingertip was burned in the making of this frame : )


  1. This is lovely! A big improvement over the pink frame. Easy way to add uniformity to your home if you have a mismatch of frames given to you over the years, as i do, i'm sure. one note... that pic is a little less "throw mama from the train" than it is "deliverance", lol!

  2. Hi Stacey! Look how great your project turned out. I love it. And that embellishment is awesome! So cute!

    Why don't you come over and link up to my weekend wrap up party on Saturday and people can come over and see your cute blog?


  3. Stacey -- everything comes up great when I view your blog. I think it looks wonderful!


  4. Hey Stacey :)
    love...LoVe...LOVE your blog.
    You are blessed with a wonderful family and you are a very VeRy VERY talented wonderful MOM

    i like the photo frame idea. I also like the tulips in the picture as well ;0) SPRING !!!

  5. Love this idea. I have some of those lurking around that I can cover! Cool! Love your blog! C'mon over and visit! Ann @ housefinally


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