Monday, May 17, 2010

camera shy

I've always enjoyed picture taking. I've always wanted to be a good picture taker. I'm wondering, if I've always had the interest..why the heck have I never done anything about it?

I've recently been inspired to break out the camera, which I've named Pedro by the way...an extremely talented and sweet new friend Kimberly over at Mimi Charmante named her camera and I figure if Mr. vG names his vehicles than maybe there is something to it??? Well Pedro and I went out into my garden this morning to play.

How wonderful to meet my new flowered friends. The dishes can wait.... I think Nohl & I must have a picnic lunch today!

A little camera shy,
It'll be a slow process I know...

Happy Monday Ladies!


  1. I totally understand you!! I love taking photos too and want to improve but then I don't take the camera each time I can to practise...I'm sure you will learn very soon if you shoot photos each time you can!! I'm with you!!

    thanks for you lovely comments, I send you a big hug from me. xx

  2. Gorgeous picutres! I hope to someday have the time to sit and really learn more about my camera :) Enjoy your monday!

  3. Just wanted to share with you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please swing by & check it out!

  4. You and Pedro did a great job and your right dishes can wait!

  5. Well, you've done a beautiful job with these, Stacey! I don't think it will be a slow process at all. Have a great week! – g

  6. wow, your pictures are beautiful...and looks like your garden is too!!!


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