Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nohl's Bedroom

A couple of months ago, I blogged about how I was going to makeover Nohl's room. Don't ask me why it took two months...I'm just slow that way. Mostly I think I kept making up my mind on a paint colour, then change it an hour later. Two weeks ago, I put my own foot down. Now it's almost complete. To see more of the before go here.

I'm waiting on a 1960's pull down map of Europe to hang on the wall in the picture below.

One of the first things I did was paint his bed frame out in Benjamin Moore's Hudson Bay Blue. Sorry some of the pictures are dark. The final wall paint, Gray Mist, is also from Benjamin Moore, and the wainscotting is Cloud White. I really love how bright and fresh his room feels now!

I found this hutchy thing and it was the most hideous bright blue I'd ever seen. Whoever painted it, just kept painting right over the hinges and latches. I scraped off the hinge/latch paint and sprayed them with flat black. I gave the whole thing a coat of paint and voila....something a little different than your typical bookshelf, and still low enough so he can access all his belongings.

I'd been saving this road atlas for years thinking I'd someday do something with it in one of the boys rooms. And so I tore some places of meaning for me out of the atlas and repurposed his old Ikea frames. Mr. vG and I honeymooned in Hawaii. Now everytime I see that map it's a reminder of one of the most special times in my life.

Hmmm well that's kinda creepy? and yet even this looked better than that builder glass plate that was there!

I'm not normally a huge ceiling fan fan, but despite having A/C, Nohl's room can get pretty stinkin hot in the summer. I thought this fixture from Rona was perfect. Doesnt' it almost looked like a little boat propeller?

Me and my Nohlly burger


  1. You've done an amazing job on Nohl's room. The whole boating theme is just what I'm looking for in my little mans room. Thank's for some very cute idea's.

  2. Nohl's room does look bright and fresh-great job! Beautiful photo of you and little Nohl too.

    Take care,

  3. Hi Stacey
    Nohl's room is amazing! It looks like a Pottery Barn room, but with meaningful touches like the map. The fan does look like a propeller! I love the gorgeous picture of the two of you.
    Hope you had a great weekend

  4. What an absoultely gorgeous room!!! :) I love it!!!

    (The hand kinda creeped me out too!! hehe)

  5. Love it... you are so inspiring.

  6. Since I started following your blog I have redone 2 more rooms, our guest room and fresehned up Jenny's room, ohhh I stapled a quilt to the wall looks fabulous

  7. Love it, love it, love it! Nohl's room looks great. Love the paint choices, the new bookshelf and all the finishing touch's. Great job Stacey!!
    Carolyn Proulx

  8. Hi Stacey
    your Nohl's room is adorable, love that shade of blue you chose for the bed!
    P.S. You and him are just gorgeous !!
    Have a great week my friend!

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind words!!

  10. You are too cute! Love that hand coming thru the ceiling. ;)


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