Monday, May 24, 2010

on franklin pond

I feel so fortunate to have this view from my backyard while still living in a subdivision. Franklin Pond is home to a pair of mating swans who have at least 4-6 cygnets each year. I love to sit out back with my glass of wine and listen to all the peaceful sounds of nature.

The duo have the most lovely call that echoes beautifully across the water...however, it's not so calming when they have their lovers quarrel in the early hours!! He's probably telling her she's got too much grass in the nest or something hehehhe.

This is the first May 2~4 long weekend I can remember where we all haven't been rained out!! I hope this is the beginning to an amazing week. Hope it's shining where you are!


  1. How beautiful Stacey to live with a view out over water. Thank you for stopping by and taking part in my giveaway, especially for putting up my button.
    Good luck with the draw!

  2. Amazing view and amazing back yard, your grass is so green! We actually had some rain over the weekend, but we really need it. The sun will shine soon enough!

  3. Hi Stacey,
    you are so blessed to be able to enjoy such beauty so close to home!
    We are supposed to have another nice weekend but it was cold here the last few days.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Hi stacey,
    Oh, what a wonderful view you have, and a beautiful garden!
    I'm so glad you visited my blog today, and thanks for your sweet comment! So true...that drawing does kinda look like a teletubbie!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. How can you not in that gorgeous backyard! ~ Jo :)

  5. What a beautiful view you have........is this the Franklin Pond near Cambridge ON? I'm from GTA, I just found your Blog and it is very good. I will now be a Follower.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. Hi Stacey!!! thank you for your sweet words!!! Wow you have a stunning view!!! And your kitchen? how it is?


  7. that is an amazing view...how spectacular

  8. Oh, my! You really ARE lucky to have the lake right in your backyard. Hope your weekend was great. We were to be rained out today but it turned out to be sunny and lovely. Thank you for your sweet comment, and by the way, your photos are beautiful. :) – g

  9. so lucky!!! Thank you for your visit . I'm happy to know you!
    Many kisses from irene valdirose


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